Alana Underwood


Alana gained a bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry in 2003 at Queensland University of Technology and has a special interest in Sports Podiatry, medic incorporating retraining with stretching and strengthening exercises along with orthotics  if necessary.

Alana enjoys the satisfaction of watching her patient leave her treatment rooms pain free.. Often a change in footwear, adiposity simple exercises or orthotics can change the way the entire kinetic chain works. This can help reduce discomfort and dysfunction, not only in the foot, but also the knee, hip and lower back.

Maintaining correct alignment with the lower limbs is important to limit stress and to maintain good posture. Any problem with the position of our feet during stance are exaggerated during walking and further increased during weight bearing athletic activity. Therefore even minor abnormalities in alignment may result in severe lower limb problems.

Alana can also assist with non-structural foot care and provides expert  treatment of corns, callus and ingrown toenails. Injury prevention through footwear advice is also available.

NO REFERRAL is necessary to see Alana – Health Insurance and DVA and Medicare rebates may apply

When Alana is not attending to her clients foot worries you can catch her using her own two bare feet water skiing, playing soccer and running.