Joanne Wilson

Are you struggling to just make it through today?
Want to achieve your best through adversity?
Reach your dreams and aspirations faster?

Joanne Wilson will be your confidante, enabling you to speak freely in complete confidence and serenity. Joanne Wilson is a professional Counsellor and Psychotherapist based at Activeliving The Wellness Centre. She has over twenty five years experience as a worker or volunteer in the community, services and health industry.  With a broad life experience, training overseas, with diverse work experience across Australia, she has refined the practise of being a non judgemental and highly regarded practitioner. With caring, compassion and patience she has been acknowledged as a respected Counsellor on the Sunshine Coast with a balanced career along-side family and community contributions.

Joanne has keen interest in personal fitness that blends in perfectly with Activeliving’s health and well being ethos, partnering with our health practitioners.  She is passionate about launching people to success in their personal and work lives, maintaining a focus on their holistic well being through challenges and a positive mindset through ill health.


As a keen promoter of local businesses on the Sunshine Coast,  she is also keen to acknowledge the elderly in their wisdom for the benefit of the next generations.  Joanne is fast becoming a frequent guest speaker in the community sector as a specialist in Grief, Relationship Counselling and Preparation for Marriage.

It is Joanne’s mission for people to achieve a life full of zest!  Those who have zest exude excitement, overcoming challenging situations, approaching tasks wholeheartedly whilst being adventurous, vivacious and energetic! With dedication, she is an avid learner embracing the latest research in her field to ensure the greatest outcomes for clients.


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