Ottilia Elebring

Exercise Physiologist

Ottilia made the move from Sweden to Australia in 2013 to study a Diploma of Fitness at TAFE to become a certified personal trainer and exercise specialist. During the TAFE course Ottilia had the opportunity to work as an assistant alongside an Accredited Exercise Physiologist where she was involved with chronic disease management. She soon recognised this as her greater passion in life and enrolled at The University of the Sunshine Coast to study Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Since finishing her university degree, Ottilia has worked with osteoporosis management, assisting clients with diagnosed osteoporosis/osteopenia to increase bone mineral density with exercise, taking into consideration any existing co-morbidities.

Ottilia has a keen interest in muscoluskeletal and cardiac rehabilitation, assisting clients by giving them the tools they need to improve their quality of life and promote independence.