Leanne Maher - hypnotherapist

Leanne Maher

NLP Mindset Master & Hypnotherapist 

Hi, I’m Leanne Maher, a Master Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Coach motivating Business Owners, Employees and every other human who is ready to shift, realign, reprogram, eliminate and breakthrough everything that is no longer serving them to achieve amazing results in Business and Life. I’ll help you climb to a height that you never thought were possible!

“You know who you think you are, your well more than that!”

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As a hypnotist, there are some questions you get asked all the time. “How does hypnosis work?”, “Will I lose control?”, “What can hypnosis treat?”

People are often surprised by the responses to all of these questions, but the last question in particular never fails to impress people. Why? Because hypnosis can treat everything from helping people stop smoking (smoking cessation), weight loss, sexual dysfunction, depression, anxiety, addictions, pain relief, self-esteem issues, physical healing, trauma, bad habits and phobias, in addition to many other issues. In fact, you might be hard pressed to discover something that hypnosis WON’T be able to treat. But why is this the case? What makes hypnosis so special, and why can it treat so many different issues? To understand this, let’s back up a bit and take a look at how hypnosis works in the first place.

What Is Hypnosis & How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, hypnosis is a form of focused relaxation that helps to bypass the conscious mind and get at the unconscious. And that’s where the power lies. When you’re hypnotized, you’re in a trance. You’re experiencing an altered state of consciousness. But don’t let that phrase scare you. It just means you’ve shifted your focus away from the conscious everyday world and focused your thoughts inward instead. And because you’re not paying attention to the conscious world around you, your mind drifts off and you’re free to focus on a single idea.

That’s what being in a trance is all about. It happens naturally when you’re totally engrossed in a film or a good book. Or when you’re driving your car and can’t remember the last few miles of a journey. It isn’t mind-control. There isn’t some outside force causing you to do this. It’s just you, using your mind in a different way, allowing yourself to get into a different state of awareness.

And here’s the cool part… When you do go into a trance, and begin communicating with your unconscious mind, that’s when you’re able to re-write your story. That’s when you’re able to challenge and change any underlying beliefs that are not serving you well. And that’s when you can replace those beliefs with better ones.

Going into a trance helps to remove resistance. When you’re fully conscious, your mind tends to analyse everything around you. It’s on alert, constantly taking in information, busy dealing with whatever’s happening around you. When you’re in a trance, however, your conscious mind sort of switches off. You’re able to relax and shut out the everyday world. And that’s when you access your unconscious mind, the part of your brain that will readily accept suggestions without questioning or analysing them.

Hypnosis and NLP can help you change attitudes, perceptions and behaviours. It can be effective in treating a range of medical and psychological issues, including but not limited to:
• Anxiety & Depression
• Emotional Trauma
• Weight Management & Weight Loss
• Fears and phobias
• Smoking
• Addictions
• Insomnia & Fatigue – Sleeping Problems
• Bad Habits
• Stress
• Migraine
• Obesity
• Sexual problems
• Facility Athlete Coaching
• Motivation & Productivity
• Business/Sales Confidence
• Company Culture
• Employee Motivation

I absolutely love helping people reach goals and excel at a rapid rate in their business and life. I’m a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis, Master Practitioner of NLP, Master Coach of NLP and Master Practitioner of TLT. Together we will transform your personal growth to a place where you are achieving everything you want in life physically and mentally, you will love it!