Nadine trains myself in the early morning Braveheart Tribe Group Class. (Called that as we are all a bunch of amazing women that keep each other motivated and have fun) Nadine’s classes are always different and fun! If you want to get fit lose weight in a safe environment this is the place to be! Nadine is a brilliant trainer, somehow, she has this natural ability to be able to bring the best out of everyone! She is very in tune with all the ladies, their limits etc. If anyone is looking for a brilliant trainer please contact Nadine.

Sarah Brunell 

Testimonial: “It’s been years of yo-yo dieting, up and down the scales. and in and out of gyms. But this is the first time in my life I’ve had the personal desire and commitment to sustain a health and weight loss transformation for a lifetime. It could have never happened without the support, intelligence, guidance and genuine caring of Nadine Faith Sullivan. In the end, I know it’s all up to me, but without her Tribe to travel the journey along with me, it would have been a much harder trek. Thank you Nadine. Let’s keep going.”

Dr. Shari Hall

In June 2014 I saw Nadine advertise her 90-day PT program on Facebook. At this time in my life i had just turned 35, only a few months before had separated from my husband of 16 years and found myself being a busy single mother.  Due to health issues, medications and stress over the last 7 years my weight had escalated. I was overweight, unfit, unhappy, self-conscious and my body was tired. When I saw Nadine’s program it was like a beacon of light for me. I decided that i needed to start looking after “me” and do things for me.  I needed to start putting me first in order to be the best mother for my three boys, and the best version of myself. I needed a lifestyle change…. a permanent change. So i did….. I started training with Nadine and the fabulous Tribette’s every morning. It was hard work, both mentally and physically, but soooooooo worth it. Now 6 months down the track i have lost close to 20kg of my body. All by being active, eating right, and changing my attitude.

But kg, and calories is not what this is all about. You can go to any Gym or fitness centre and do that! With Nadine, you get so much more……From your first contact with Nadine you are infected by her positive energy and eagerness to help you, help yourself. She carefully explains all the ins and outs of the program and gives you personalised feedback. She is always there by your side guiding you, and supporting you through your workouts, helping with nutrition and sharing her fabulous recipes (PS – you have to try the Butter[less] chicken…mmmm so YUMMY!).  She provides endless encouragement and is a BIG believer in setting fitness goals. My first goal was to run in the Sunshine Coast Marathon 5km event – this being only 3 months after starting with Nadine. I did this on the 30th August 2014 BUT ended up running the 10km because Nadine believed in me and pushed me to believe in myself.

Another great benefit of my time with Nadine at Active Living has been the Tribette’s. They are a great bunch of girls who encourage each other, support each other, and provide emotional support through the ups and downs of the weight loss roller coaster – as well as having allot of fun and laughs along the way. You could not ask for a better support network!

So how do i feel now 6 months down the track…..i feel fabulous, amazing, sexy, happier, confident in my own skin, full of energy, driven, healthier, focused, proud of my achievements, strong (physically & mentally) and most of all ALIVE!!!  Nadine and Activeliving have been a lifesaver for me, and they can for you too.

Forever grateful,

Megan Grisman xo

In January 2013 I walked into Activeliving feeling overweight, tired and self-conscious.  I did a 90day PT program with Nadine and lost a total of 68cm from my body. These photos are me the real me, no fad diets, no pill popping just simply a change of lifestyle.  1yr later I have maintained my weight all because I was taught what to eat and when to eat.  I no longer feel tired, overweight or self-conscious even at the beach!

Let me tell you too that having never been able to run (so I told myself prior to seeing Nadine) and at 36yrs in August 2013 I ran and finished my 1st ever 1/2marathon.  I had no intentions of doing this but as I continued to train I was becoming fitter, healthier and happier then I have ever been.  Nadine taught me to believe anything is possible and I started to believe her! On the day of my marathon Nadine was there to support me and wrote on my arm (in biro) “DON’T LISTEN TO THE VOICE” I cannot not tell you how many times I re-read this but there was no-way in this world I was going to let that little voice in my head make me give up.  To this day I still do not listen, nothing can beat the power of the mind because “I will not give up”.  I am not telling you to run a marathon, but I will tell you that without the support from Nadine I would be still locked up in my uncomfortable old self.

I continue to train with Nadine simply because I love the personal and supportive environment that the Activeliving team give.

From One Happy Mummy xx

Melinda Williams